IDEA research group is a young working group, leaded by María Teresa Gómez-López and formed by researchers from the University of Seville that work together Improving DEcision About Business Processes. Nowadays, the real world problems are more complex and the techniques to support them are more sophisticated. One way to face the management of systems for companies and large organizations, is frequently by using business process models and engines. Unfortunately the current models and tools do not cover every necessity of the companies to support their day-to-day work.

Our research fileds are is focused on: the improvement of mechanisms to model business processes, analyzing areas such imperative, declarative or artifact-centric; improve the capacity to detect and diagnose incorrect behaviors; help in the decision process to optimize the key of process indicators or the outcome of  the processes; and prognose possible incorrect behaviors in the future.

Since business processes have several characteristics that can be studied, we are centered in Data and Security aspects.

We have developed several projects, from public and privated funds since several of the ideas of our works have its origin in the continuous contact with companies in several projects where our research transferred to the industrial sector.

Our most recents works are related to:

  • Diagnosis of business processes, from data point of view and analysing the security characteristics
  • Improving decision making about input data and including performance data into the decisions
  • Helping in the business process life-cycle when policiy rules are included in the model
  • Enriching the declarative model, including the capacity to describe data behaviour in the business process