Name: Archivae (Platform to manage the Business Processes to Archive Complex Documentation and Meta Data)

Main researcher:  María Teresa Gómez, PhD

Duration: Two years (July-2013 – Nov-2015)

Reference: P/E08

Partner: Emergya


The management of documents in archival science implies a complex business process model. The various tasks include the development of techniques for digitalization, processing, storing and meta-data specification. This project This project encompasses the analysis of the needs in the field of archival science, both in processing and storage of them, to obtain a software solution that frames the various modules of the proposal. The development of the modules consist of:

  1. Analysis and overall design of the existing proposals, methodologies and needs.
  2. Analysis and General development of the Framework that gives support to digitisation and storage.
  3. Development of digitization and storage module.
  4. Development of the extraction of metadata module.