Rafael Martínez Gasca, PhD Full Professor (Catedrático de Universidad)

E.T.S. Ingeniería Informática

Dpto. Lenguajes y Sistemas Informáticos

Avda. Reina Mercedes S/N, 41012 Sevilla (Spain)


  • Full Professor (Catedrático de Universidad)
  • PhD (1998) in Computer Science. Doctoral dissertation: “Reasoning and Simulation in systems with quantitative and qualitative knowledge”.
  • MSc in Science from the University of Seville.

Research Areas

  • Information Security Systems. Security in Business Process, Perimetral Security, Intrusion Prevention, Distributed Intrusion Detection, Mobile Agent in Security Applications.
  • Model-based Diagnosis. Pre-compiled Techniques, Data-driven Techniques, Determination of Clusters of Components, Semiqualitative Model-based Diagnosis.
  • Semiqualitative Reasoning, Solving Techniques, Semiqualitative Languages, Semiqualitative Simulation Tecnhiques.
  • Constraint Programming and Constraint Databases. Interval Constraint Programming, Configuration and Assembly Problems, Soft Constraints, Industrial Applications.
  • Business Process Management Systems. Fault Detection, Diagnosis and Prognosis in Dataflow.