Name: Wonder (Blind platform for issue replacement and delivery reassignment for the logistic sector)

Main researcher:  Ángel J. Varela Vaca, PhD

Duration: 6 months (Ene-2015 – Jul-2015)

Reference: P001-15/E018

Partner: On-time, logística integral

Description: A web-based platform for the administration of subscriptions, parcel’s issues management, RFID labels management and delivery reassignment for the logistics sector. The project consists of a web-based platform that will be associated with a database of RFID tags, where different users can log in to (1) to report information about incidents  produced by a labelled package with an RFID Tag; (2) Administration and management of licences, users, and organization identities; (3) insert and verify new RFID Tags; (4) receiving, monitoring and replacement of issues related to the labelled packages; (5) a call centre to report and manage incidents solutions.