Organizations are required to comply with standards, legislation, policy and their continuous changes. In several cases, the information that flows in the business processes of the organizations can be introduced by the humans that interact with the process. This introduced information could not comply those specifications due to lack of knowledge or by mistake, making the instance incorrect, since a process cannot work correctly and obtain the expected behaviour using incorrect information. For this reason, we propose a Decision Support System (DSS) to help the user, taking into account the business process model and the policies of the company, to inform about the possible values that the input data can take to make the process execution consistent. In order to show the benefits of the DSS for input data in business process instances, we have implemented a solution based on to facilitate the input data support, where the user can model the restrictions of the business data. Also we have developed the engine to obtain the decisios for the business process using a commercial solution for BPM.
The configuration of the Decision Support System is formed by four parts:

  • Modeling the business process and define the dataflow variables
  • Locating the decision points and decision variables
  • Creating the BDCs with the tool MARTIN (MAking Reasoning for daTa INput)
  • Instantiating the business process model and obtaining the decision variables instantiation

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